Friday, April 23, 2010

South African gem

We awoke on Sunday to have some breakfast on the terrace and got ready for our massages. I noticed my upper thighs were pretty sore and was confused as to why. Then I realized I am so out of shape. What made my thighs sore was simply the ocean. The strong currents I walked against were enough for a good work out.
My massage was magical to say the least. I managed to talk to the lady the entire time. Her name was Joy and she was an amazing lady. We talked about pretty much everything and I still managed to enjoy the massage. I was greeted with a fresh juice cocktail (score! My favorite!). Hailey got pampered for 3 more hours after I was done with my 90 minute massage so she thoroughly enjoyed herself to say the least. Since she stayed so long for all her treatments they gave us another room to hang out and shower after. Finally, we packed our stuff and said goodbye to the great staff and headed out. We stopped by Margate beach and had some food. There were vendors selling more African crafts along the beachfront. Like an addiction, we had to barter for some more. We decided to eat at muffin haven AKA Mugg and Bean. This would be muffin to-go attempt #2. When the waiter asked what we wanted, he was blown away by our accents. He asked where we were from and we said from California and Washington and he about had an anxiety attack. He went into complete hysterics like we were a piece of royalty and fled our table…forgetting our order and our menus. To this date, I say this was the best reaction thus far. The entire weekend was great beginning to end… none of the previous interns that we know of came here. It was nice to go off the beaten path and explore something new only to find a true South African gem.

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