Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I got a lot of ass today

April 12th: Hailey and I arrived at King Edwards for another action packed week (slight sarcasm). This time we were supposed to take on the surgery unit. The question was, where the hell is it? This hospital is completely scattered and the layout makes no sense. We found three different surgical units and just decided to pick one. This became so frustrating since we were just dropped off and expected to just find our way magically. The personal relations woman we saw the first day at paediatrics was MIA. Randomly, we just picked the SOPD unit. We walked in and asked to speak to the doctor and we were thrown around to different doctors. Eventually they just said to pick an intern and stick with him. Luckily, we picked a good one, he was able to tell us what was going on and asked us questions (most of them we didn’t know).
Although the first procedure didn’t leave the greatest impression (digital rectal exam), the few other ones after that proved to be worthwhile. Enjoying myself, I took the chart for the next patient and read it. Written in big block letters on the front was something left to be desired. ANAL ABSCESS. “Eff this” I thought. I mustered up the guts to go investigate this and found this gigantic woman lying on the table, pants down and ready to be checked up. The weird thing was that I started feeling light headed before I even saw her. I didn’t last too long as the doctor probed around the affected area. The abscess had already been removed and I was still not feeling too hot. Following my usual protocol, I stepped outside and tried to catch some fresh air. I felt lightheaded, narrow vision, nauseous, hot, sweating profusely, clammy, thirsty, and really tired. Since this was the first time it happened, I forgave myself for letting my mind get the best of me. I stepped back inside was fine for the time being. I later found out that the procedure was a complete waste and they could have just looked it at superficially to determine what kind of abscess it was. Oops? Soon enough, the clinic just magically emptied and we were the only ones in it. Doctors were nowhere to be seen and we were just deserted. Eventually we were escorted to this other part of the clinic where we were put with some doctor who did not say a word to us. He just sat there and said I am busy sorry. He continued to help patients after that. Frustrated we just left to go find surgeries…which we ended up not ever doing. That day I felt like I was completely in the way the entire time. Nobody seemed to know our purpose or why we were there. The program had begun to let me down because this was not the first time we felt ostracized. We walked away from that day hoping that the next day would be a little better.

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