Friday, April 23, 2010

Johannesburg bound? Or a pretty Durban weekend

April 22nd, 2010: This week has really been flying by. I continue to learn a lot from doing simple research at Dr. Khan’s office. I finished up compiling the information today and hopefully I can produce a memorable senior thesis. The week is so closing to ending and we are getting another car tomorrow. This weekend, we are planning to stick around the Durban area and go to uShaka (waterpark!!! Thankfully Paola isn’t with me or she’ll bring the water park curse), beach, and probably do some more knick knack shopping. Also, we’re hoping to take the SkyRail up to the very top of the Durban World Cup Stadium. But in the spirit of South African spontaneity, perhaps there will be a crazy, poorly thought out, and crazy trip to the mysterious place that is JOHANNESBURG! They say if you can make it in JoBurg, you can make it anywhere in the world. Obviously I won’t be going there to see if I can make it out alive, but to see what this unique, fast paced, and nonstop energy feeling you apparently get while you’re there. There are some cool things to do in the surrounding areas as well. However, this is a long shot since we really haven’t planned anything.

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  1. miley, what an adventure!
    please be very careful my son...
    truly enjoy reading you blog.
    i love you,