Monday, April 5, 2010

3,2,1 Blastoff

March 24th, 2010

I couldn’t believe this date finally arrived. After all the months of preparation and deadlines, the final and most arduous deadline had finally surfaced. Everything was going fine through check in and I said goodbye to Mom and T, leaving me with Jayson. We both knew this day would finally come, and the surreal just became a reality. It was very difficult leaving the person that I’ve spent pretty much everyday with. With that, we were having our very emotional moment when I get a phone call from T saying, “YOU’RE NOT THROUGH SECURITY ARE YOU!?” Sure enough, I had forgotten my wallet on top of the car, and T was running inside to try and catch me. Obviously, it was a truly great start to such a momentous journey.

After gathering my emotions, I boarded Emirates Airlines bound for Dubai. Sure enough, I got to sit in the Dubai Daycare section with 4 children just in my row alone. 16 hours of screaming children later, I arrived in balmy Dubai.

Having only heard politically charged things about the Middle East, being there by myself just added to the element of suspense. Sure enough, Dubai started outdoing itself as soon as I exited the plane. With a brand new terminal just opened, there’s nothing better but to drench it in ALL Rolex clocks. Luckily, I got my bags and proceeded to the taxis. Arriving at the hotel, I was ready to pass out. However, this would come with a 45-minute check-in process (-1 point United States). The room was standard with one little interesting addition; on the ceiling of each wall there was a plaque with an arrow pointing towards Mecca (in which Muslims have to pray in that direction multiple times a day).

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