Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bluffin' about my muffin

April 13th: We arrived at work hoping that today will be more productive. After completing our morning ritual of checking our email, we ventured over to the hospital hoping that the day will be more productive. We immediately headed over to the Personal Relations lady, she was very snappy and said that we should just walk back to SOPD (after telling us were pretty much stupid for wandering the halls) and observe there. Ironically, that’s the same place we just were. It was like dejavu, we walked in and felt in the way and nobody knew who we were. Within 15 minutes some doctors approached us told us that. “this is really boring, and we won’t be offended if you went somewhere else.” Again, this program was letting me down. The only “shocking” thing I saw was this man who needed medication for a liver problem, they simply didn’t have the medication and sent him away not to come back for 4 months when they’ll hopefully have it in stock. After that, we left and ended up in the scopes department where they should be doing colonoscopies and endoscopies. When we got there, we see the same doctors as yesterday in this clinic. They were performing an endoscopy on a man with esophageal cancer and we just watched. It was somewhat interesting, especially when we looked over and saw he was completely awake! They did not knock him out! All they do is spray a little chloroseptic in the back of his throat to numb it a little bit and down goes an old, thick, and somewhat broken black and white endoscope. He seemed to take it quite well. When they were done he just hopped out of the bed and went back to the waiting room. Next was a lady getting an endoscope to look for stomach ulcers. She had a harder time… she was gagging the entiiiire time. Hearing somebody gag for 20 minutes isn’t the most pleasing thing, luckily I held my ground.

I got back home to my homestay and was pretty hungry. I knew exactly what I wanted to eat, I had bought a muffin from the casino from my favorite place, Mugg and Bean. It was a HUGE blueberry muffin, perfectly cooked. I brought it home after my day at the beach and was saving it for breakfast or when I was hungry. But I was so tired that I took a tiny 30 minute nap. After my nap, Sibongile walked in with her big smile on her face and said the following, “Hi Miles! Oh you know something? I saw this muffin in the pantry and said to myself ‘this muffin has Miles’s, so you know what I did? I grabbed some coffee and ate the entire thing!’” as she clapped her hands joyfully. My eyes must’ve tripled in size but I kept my composure. I don’t think she had a clue that I was saving that for myself but I definitely can’t get mad. I put on this smile and replied cheerfully, “oh was it good?” She insisted it was a fantastic muffin and she was so full from it that she was going to skip dinner. Sigh… lesson learned.


  1. mwahaha I could just imagine your face when she said she ate your muffin! lol

  2. next time bring enough for the family!

  3. good one!
    off to get a dozen, just in case!